How do I apply for a loan?
Through the WI Dept. of Veteran Affairs (WDVA), there are primarily two loans (Mortgages are handled through the bank): personal loan and home improvement loan. Veterans must first be eligible with WDVA. Eligibility is established either by showing that you were a WI resident at the time you entered the service or by showing that you have lived in WI for at least 12 continuous months.

Loans are not automatic because you are a veteran. WDVA will still conduct a credit check. You will need to show pay slips for you and your spouse as well as proof of all income. You will also need to list all liabilities for you and your spouse. Your CVSO can assist you with the application.

The Burnett County CVSO is Doug Stubbe who can be reached at 715-349-2179.

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