Child Protective Services


Child Protective Services promotes the safety and well-being of children and families.

When child protective services receives a report of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or emotional damage, the report is received through the Access Worker.

A decision is made as to whether the report is screened in or out, depending on the report's comparison to established state standards. If the report is to be screened in for an initial assessment, the social worker will meet with the child and family to assess for safety and risk of maltreatment. Reports that are screened out are documented in the computer system, and may also be entered as a services report, in which voluntary services are offered to the family.

The social worker will determine whether additional services are needed for the child and family.

Initial assessments sometimes result in interaction with Juvenile Court and social workers make recommendations to the Court that promote child safety, child well-being, and provide a permanent plan for the child and family.

Reporting Child Physical Abuse / Sexual Abuse / Neglect / or Emotional Damage

How to Report

If any of the above situations have happened with a child or the child is at risk of one of these occurring, please contact the Burnett County Department of Health and Human Services at 715-349-7600 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and ask for the Access Worker.

If reporting after hours or on the weekend / holiday, please contact the Burnett County Sheriff's Department at p. 715-349-2128.

Deciding to get involved in a situation of suspected abuse / neglect can be difficult. It is a decision that may be crucial to a child, not only today, but in the future. Children that have been mistreated often carry life-long scars. It is imperative to report immediately. Do not wait until the next day.

What Will Happen

A social worker will assess the situation, and consult with the supervisor, to determine what must be done to protect the child and help the family.