Children and Families


The Children and Families Unit works to support families in Burnett County by addressing areas of concern through the provision of community based services. Services may be provided through any of the following programming offered by the unit:

Programs and Services Provided

  • Intake & Initial Assessment: Provides assessment of safety when a child has been maltreated or is at risk of maltreatment
  • Ongoing Child Welfare: Court-ordered or voluntary services to assist families in addressing concerns for children identified as unsafe or at-risk of maltreatment
  • Youth Justice Services: Identification and resolution of conditions contributing to delinquency, truancy, and uncontrollability
  • Foster Care Coordination: Recruitment, licensure, training, and ongoing support for individuals interested in providing temporary care for children
  • Kinship Care: Support for children living outside of their home with a relative
  • Child Care Certification: Certification of persons who provide child care for 1 to 3 children under age 7 unrelated to the provider, or who are not otherwise required to be licensed as a child care center under s. 48.65, Stat
  • Coordinated Service Teams: Individualized supports and services provided in a team approach for children experiencing complex emotional, physical, and social challenges
  • Community Education: Information regarding mandated reporting, programming, and services to our community partners

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