Recreation Provided

The Gandy Dancer trail provides a wide-range of recreational uses. From April 1 through December 1 the trail may be used for hiking, biking, and nature study. Horseback riding and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are allowed all-year on the trail north of Highway 77 in Danbury.

State Trail Pass

A State trail pass is required for biking on the Gandy Dancer. Trail passes can be purchased in either daily or annual permits for persons 16-years of age and over. These passes can be purchased at Department of Natural Resource offices, Burnett Count Forestry/Parks Department, or many businesses in the community. Current pricing information.

Winter Season

When conditions are favorable and trails are officially opened, the Gandy Dancer Trail is open to the public for snowmobile/ATV use from December 1 through March 31. State registration fees provide funds for the maintenance of the trail during the winter. For more information visit winter use.

Trail Parameters

The Gandy Dancer Trail provides a 90-mile corridor from St. Croix Falls to Superior. The trail crosses 27-miles of Polk County and 21-miles of Burnett County. The remaining 52 miles are in Douglas County and Minnesota.

Dining and Lodging

The Gandy Dancer Trail provides access to nine villages within the Burnett and Polk County area. Visitors may find dining, lodging, shops, and other areas to explore in these communities.