Airfield Information

Airport Coordinates

Airfield Aerial

  • 45-49'-25.52" N
  • 92-22'-26.25" W
  • Elevation 989 MSL

VOR Coordinates

  • 45-49'-13.60" N
  • 92-22'-28.32" W

The airport is located halfway between the Twin Cities and Duluth and is outside of Class B airspace.

Burnett County Runways

Burnett County Airport has two runways:

  • 05/23 75-foot by 3,900-foot
  • 14/32 75-foot by 5,000-foot

Go to the Burnett County Airport Facility Directory.

Go to the Runway 04 (now Runway 05) Approach Plate.

New runway markings are present at Burnett County Airport. Runways formerly designated as 04/22 and 13/31 are now 05/23 and 14/32.

Runway 14/32 was reconstructed and extended to 5,000 feet during the summer and fall of 2009.

The runways are well-maintained and in excellent condition. Both runways have pilot controlled lighting.

Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance services provided by AeroQualite Maintenance. Please contact AeroQualite at (715) 205-9380.