Debit Card Users

Wisconsin Support Collections Debit Card

  • The Wisconsin Child Support Program is replacing your current child support CHASE VISA debit card with the new Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard issued by Comerica Bank and managed by EPPIC.
  • The new new EPPIC Debit MasterCard will replace your current Wisconsin CHASE Visa debit card effective February 7, 2013.

What You Need to Do

  • If you have moved, update your address online using Child Suppot Online Services or by calling the KIDS Information line at (800) 991-5530, or provide your correct address to your local child support agency. Debit cards cannot be forwarded by the post office.
  • Watch your mailbox for your new Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard beginning February 7, 2013.
  • You will automatically be enrolled when a support collection is received on or after February 7, 2013. Your Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard will be delivered in 7 to 10 days by U.S. Mail to the last address you provided.
  • You may change to direct deposit at anytime by completing a Direct Deposit application. The application can be found online or you can request an application to be mailed to you by calling the KIDS Information line at (800) 991-5530.
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