Report a Change of Address or Employer

How to Report Your New Address or Employer

If the child support agency has been asked to enforce your case,  you can call the Child Support Agency 24 hours a day at p. 715-349-2555 to leave your new information.

If the child support agency has not been asked to enforce your case, you must call Wisconsin KIDS line at 800-991-5530 and speak to a customer service representative to update your information; or, go to Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website, sign in to Child Support Online Services using your KIDS Key then access Personal to update either your address or telephone number. (Please note that the first time you sign in to the Child Support Services Online website you will be assigned a KIDS Key to use whenever you need need payment information or want to update your personal information.)

Watch a presentation on how to sign up for Child Support Online Services. Child Support Online Services is a free and secure website that allows you to see your payments & balances, print your payment coupons & payment history, and update your phone number & address 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watch the video and sign up for this fast, secure access to your child support payment information.

Necessary Information

Please remember that you must provide your full name, PIN, or Social Security Number if you are leaving the message on our voicemail. You must also provide your current telephone number in the event we need to contact you to verify the information.