Obtain Payment Information

KIDS Payment Information Line

The KIDS Information Line gives you information on payments made to you or made by you.

Please use the appropriate phone number:

  • (414) 615-2400 for the Metro Milwaukee area
  • (800) 991-5530 for outside the Metro Milwaukee area toll-free
  • (877) 209-5209 for telecommunications for the deaf (TDD) toll-free phone service

Online Payment Information

Watch a presentation on how to sign up for Child Support Online Services.

Child Support Online Services (CSOS) is a free and secure website you can access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to see your payments and balances, print coupons to use when mailing a payment or print a record of child support you have paid or received. Use CSOS to report any changes in employment or to update your telephone number and/or address.

Watch a short informational video and to sign up for this fast, secure access to your child support payment information.