Camping Information

Primitive Camping on Undesignated Areas 

Camping on undesignated areas on the Burnett County Forest is permitted in many areas with the purchase of a Camping Permit. In general, most of the County Forest is open to camping with a tent, trailer camper, or vehicle for a period of 1 to 10 consecutive days. The camping shelter must be occupied daily. One permit may cover a maximum of 3 shelters with a maximum of 10 people per permit. No camping is permitted on the shores or within 50 feet of the ordinary high-water mark of any stream, river, or lake on the Forest. A camping permit is required and may be obtained from the Burnett County Forest and Parks Department or onlineThese permits are for primitive camping on Burnett County Forest Land only - these are not established campsites. Permits are able to be purchased at any time during the calendar year of the intended use dates.


Undesignated Camping Areas - Regulations and Information (PDF)

Designated Campsites

Nestled within 1500 acres of the Burnett County Forest are two designated campsites available by reservation only. Both are situated approximately 8 miles northeast of Webster, with one on Keizer Lake and the other on Banach Lake. There is no motorized access to either of these campsites, as they are only accessible by foot, bike, or boat (at the Banach Lake site). Each spot includes a tent pad, picnic table, fire ring, and a primitive pit toilet. No electricity or potable water is available. You may use 1-3 tents with a maximum of 10 people staying onsite. The shelter(s) must be occupied daily and may not be vacated overnight or stored onsite.

Both campsites have access to the Keizer Lake Bike Trails along with other woods trails to ride bike or hike.

Reservations for either of these campsites made through the Airbnb website only. Full rules and regulations can be found on the Airbnb listing.

Fire Prevention

Man PerformingFire Prevention TacticsOpen fires (wood, charcoal, or solid fuels) are not permitted at any time from April 1 through May 31 unless the fire is located in a fire ring or fireplace provided by the county. From June 1 through March 31, a three-foot wide mineral soil break must surround an open fire when the ground is snow free. Campfires are not allowed when emergency fire regulations are in effect. If your campfire gets away from you, you are liable for all expenses incurred in suppressing the fire and will be responsible for all damages caused by this fire.

County and Government Property

Camping along the Namekagon and St. Croix Rivers (within 412 feet of the river) is permitted only at campsites marked with a campsite symbol and with a metal fire ring. Most of the lands bordering the rivers are owned either by the County or the USA. Recreational activities along these two rivers are guided by a cooperative agreement between Burnett County and National Park Service. Information on campsites along the rivers.

Camping at boat landings or parks is not permitted.